Rick Nevin
Nevin Research
Energy-efficient housing stimulus that pays for itself
     Energy Policy, 38 (2010): 4-11
Fiver Strategy Summary
     More Windows of Opportunity

Environmental causes of violence
    Physiology and Behavior, 99 (2010): 260-268, With Carpenter
    Exerpt: Correlation, Causation, Consistency, and Coherence

Trends in preschool lead exposure, mental retardation, and scholastic achievement: Association or causation?
    Environmental Research, 109 (2009): 301-310

Monetary benefits of preventing childhood lead poisoning with lead-safe window replacement
    Environmental Research, 106 (2008): 410-419. With Jacobs, Berg, and Cohen

Understanding international crime trends: The legacy of preschool lead exposure
    Environmental Research 104 (2007): 315-336
    Research Summary

Windows of Opportunity: Lead Poisoning Prevention, Housing Affordability, and Energy Conservation
    Housing Policy Debate 17 (2006): 185-207.  With Jacobs

Validation of a 20-year forecast of US childhood lead poisoning: Updated prospects for 2010
    Environmental Research 103 (2006): 352-364.  With Jacobs

How Lead Exposure Relates to Temporal Changes in IQ, Violent Crime, and Unwed Pregnancy
    Environmental Research 83 (2000): 1–22.
    Research Summary

More Evidence of Rational Market Values for Home Energy Efficiency 
    The Appraisal Journal 67 (1999): 454–60.  With Gazan and Bender

Evidence of Rational Market Valuations for Home Energy Efficiency
    The Appraisal Journal 66 (1998): 401–09. With Watson

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